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Let’s make your next get together one to remember

Private Dinner Parties & Cooking Classes


Food is love and there is truly nothing better than sharing it with those close to us. I offer a wide variety of experiences that are simple to customize to match what you and your guest are looking for. 

My job is to make your experience as easy for you as possible. To do that I provide excellent customer service, making sure to be very transparent about whatever it is you might need to be to prep for your event and bring everything I need with me to make cleanup a breeze! {Sorry if you are doing an online class I can't wash the dishes for you, trust me I wish I could}

I look forward to seeing you in the kitchen soon! 

Check out this seasons menu offerings 



Seasonally inspired and curated for you and your guest's needs, I offer a delicious and unique dining experience that is sure to leave you happy and satisfied. 



In-home classes for adults, families, and kids are a great way to bring the fun home. Simply pick your menu and Chef Kelcy comes ready with everything else you need. 



Cook with family, friends, or colleagues from anywhere in the world! Offering a wide range of classes perfect for the home cook to test out their skills from the comfort of home. 

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