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Fresh Cooking

Food, Farms & Community

From cultivating relationships with local farmers and suppliers to working with my students in the kitchen; these three themes are at the center of all I do. 


Farm Chef, Baker, and Food Educator


Welcome to my Kitchen

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My Story

Hi, I’m Chef Kelcy Scolnick and
I’m SO GLAD you’re here!

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3 reasons I love what I do

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Is there anything better than a fresh picked strawberry under the warm summer sun or a hardy bowl of beef stew in the dead of winter? Eating with the seasons allows us to not only enjoy the bounty of the season we are in but also keeps things fresh {literally} in the kitchen!

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Being able to work with local farmers and producers is an incredible opportunity. It helps make sure that not only am I getting the freshest food available to me, but my money is going directly back to the community I love so much. 

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Nothing fills my cup more than helping my students feel more confident in the kitchen. Whether is it a kid who is just discovering cooking, showing the novice home cook how to properly handle their knife, or introducing a new spice to a seasoned cook; I know the skills I'm teaching are so important to a healthy happy life.

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Love Notes

From my Clients

My work team did a dumpling class with Chef Kelcy and it was the best workday I have had in a very long time. Not only was the class fun and interesting, but the food ended up being amazing as well. Kelcy was energetic, attentive, and adorable every step of the way. She problem solved several times in the class when team members ran out of ingredients or something didn't go right. Overall, I would recommend ANYONE do a class with Kelcy! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! :)



Seasonally inspired and curated for you and your guest's needs, I offer a delicious and unique dining experience that is sure to leave you happy and satisfied from the comfort of your own home



In-home classes for adults, families, and kids are a great way to bring the fun home. Simply pick your menu and Chef Kelcy comes ready with everything else you need. 


 Join me in the kitchen from anywhere in the world for my digital cooking workshops! Beyond my Public classes, I book private classes for friends, families, libraries, and companies who want a fun, interactive space to meet online. 

Wright-Locke  Farm

Wright-Locke Farm is a small nonprofit farm located in Winchester, MA. focused on building a broad community and seeking to model sustainable practices through active learning, organic agriculture, land stewardship, and an appreciation of our historic New England farm.


Want to know more about the farm and what I do on it? Click below! 

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