Chef Kelcy

"Learn how to cook - try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless and above all have fun" ~ Julia Child 


About Cooking With Chef Kelcy

 Chef Kelcy has created an online cooking school helping home cooks become more comfortable and confident in the kitchen. 

Why do I do it? To begin with, I not only get to cook a lot of delicious food, but I get to share it with everyone who takes classes with me. There is nothing better than seeing the pleasure in the faces of my students when they take a bite of the meal they create.

Beyond that, I know I'm truly helping people. Whether is it a kid who is just discovering cooking, showing the novice home cook how to properly handle their knife, or introducing a new spice to a seasoned cook; I know the skills I'm teaching are so important to a healthy happy life. I am cultivating relationships with local farmers and producers and share their products and stories with my clients. And most of all, I get to help people fall in love with the act of cooking and being in the kitchen. All of these things {and more} bring me happiness and make what I'm doing worthwhile

~ Chef Kelcy

Cooking Eggs

Her exuberance for cooking can be felt even through a computer screen and is infections (but not in a CDC needs to be involved kind of way). I have taken a few virtual cooking classes in the last year and Chef Kelcy is by far the most engaging.

Mady S.

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